Shopping fabric in Korea

This post is for all of you with DIY skills out there.
Are you one of the gifted people out there who know how to sew? Wow, I am jealous 😉 It’s truly an acquired skill and not mastered easily (at least not for me). Here is my insight on shopping fabric in Korea for you.

As far as I have learned the number 1 place to go for fabric shopping is the Dongdaemun market in Seoul. Here is a map of the area (that I found to be very useful before I went for the first time) which can be overwhelming due to its size:

However, if you don’t wanna travel all the way to Seoul try your local market. The markets usually have little fabric shop stalls. The shop owners do not only sell the fabric but also handcraft curtains, table runners or pillow cases for you. You don’t necessarily need to speak Korean to communicate which surprised me to be honest. The lady who I will ask to make a table runner for me spoke with hands and feet to explain to me what she needs in order to make the perfect table runner.

If you live in Area I, I can recommend to check out the Uijeongbu market. I went and took pictures of how you get to the fabric part of the market and also took some snapshots so you kind of get a feel for what to expect. Here we go:

Enter the shopping district behind the department store Shinsegae which is located right next to Uijeongbu train station. There is a horse statue and a “rodeo rider kind of statue” as well:

Here is a picture:

Start at that rodeo rider statue. - shopping area Uijeongbu

Then walk straight up the street between the “ba gooni” clothes shop an the rodeo rider. See pic: shopping area in Uijeongbu

You walk straight up that street until you see “Lovely Coffee” (on the 2nd floor) and “Collectte” (on 1st floor) on your RIGHT. See pic: shopping area in shopping area in Uijeongbu

Right across from “Lovely Coffee” and “Colectte” you find the entrance to the fabric seller part of the market on your left and that’s where you find all the little fabric shops.

Here are some snapshots of what the fabrics I saw: shopping area in shopping area in shopping area in shopping area in shopping area in Uijeongbu

Sure, it’s not Dongdaemun but it shows that the local markets offer a selection of fabrics too. And that might prove to be just good enough for a last minute living room project 😉

A big shout out to all of you people with craft skills out there. I am always impressed by all the DIY home projects I get to see. Pretty cool!

Happy sewing.


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  1. Margarita bate

    This was so helpful! I was trying to find fabric and was trying to use a translate app and ask the cab driver of he knew and he didnt understand still. Found this website and was able to locate fabric. How cool!


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