016 My Top 3 Resources For Learning Korean Online


Jessy K. Piskai www.tastyoldcabbage.com When in Korea... podcast Interested in learning some Korean? Then check out these great resources!

Happy studying!




4 thoughts on “016 My Top 3 Resources For Learning Korean Online

    1. Jessy Post author

      Nate, thanks! There are many great online resources out there. I am far from having mastered Korean, however, I can go shopping, ask for discounts and can order food. The important things 😉

  1. Evie

    Ah! Apparently, my comment never posted after I listened to this a while ago. Oops. Thank you for putting it together 🙂 Very helpful and not an overwhelming amount of resources to look into. Also, happy to hear that Koreans have been helping you master the language! Can’t wait until I can order from a cafe with as much confidence as you are. I definitely understand the fear of missing out on great food bc you don’t know what the word is! Thanks again for the episode & shout out!

    1. Jessy Post author

      Evie, thanks for posting. At first the language seems intimidating. Coming out of the plane and see everything written in hangul made me feel like I am in a Sci Fi movie. Now, it’s normal and I can read it. It won’t take long for you to be able to read and order yummy stuff 😉


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