004 Challenges Part 1 – Language Barrier


When in Korea... podcastIt is not always sunny in Korea and you will encounter a variety of obstacles, however, you will master them!

In today’s episode I share with you the challenges that can come with a move to South Korea and are tightly connected to the language barrier. Of course, I am not leaving you with just the stories. Instead, I will pass on some good advice on how to overcome these hurdles.

Thank you to the online military spouse community who so openly answered my question about what challenges they are facing when they moved here.

show notes:

fire department and ambulance: 119
police: 112

“Help me!” – dowa-juseyo – 도와주세요
“Fire!” – boo-reeya – 불!


1. …- do (province)
2. …- si (city)
3. …- dong (village/rural town/district)
4. house number

Be safe everyone and have trust in your own abilities to deal with the challenges that come with such an adventure.

2 thoughts on “004 Challenges Part 1 – Language Barrier

  1. Albert Mark Burdge

    I listened to your first three shows, even though I don’t ever plan on going to Korea I enjoyed the shows immensely. It’s nice to learn about other countries and cultures. Keep up the good work 😀

    1. Jessy Post author

      Albie, thank you SO much for your feedback. I am excited to know that you have checked out “When in Korea…”. I checked out the TV Talk podcast with you and Heather. How cool!how is it to record with your spouse? I think of bringing my husband on for one episode in the future as well 😉


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